• High-density tungsten powders
  • Tungsten balls, tungsten spheres & tungsten cubes
  • Heavy alloy and carbide penetrators
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If it's tungsten you need, Tungsten Heavy Powder & Parts is your one-stop source

Tungsten Heavy Powder, Inc. produces high-density tungsten powder with a higher density than virgin tungsten powder. Technon® powder is spheroidal and made of large particles, resulting in a high Tap density. This high density is what makes them so revolutionary, and gives them such a wide variety of applications. With various levels of purity, Technon® powder offers many advantages over other tungsten powders, and at economical prices too. It is truly the world's best polymer filler.

Technnon(tm) Powder Technon(tm) Poly Test Kit Various sizes of tungsten balls Tungsten Spheres Tungsten Cubes Tungsten Rods Tungsten Bucking Bar 10-inch diameter tungsten alloy ring

Since 1999, Tungsten Heavy Powder & Parts has been a leading innovative tungsten product supplier to major customers around the world, always thriving for excellence, and the highest quality products, using cutting edge technologies supported by leading R&D programs. Each of our product lines offers our customers the highest quality parts at the most economical prices, while striving for the shortest possible lead-time and above all, great customer service.

Our heavy alloys, cubes, and balls are a cut above the rest at low prices and often have immediate availability. Tungsten Heavy Powder & Parts is the largest supplier of these items servicing customers with the most stringent material specification demands and dimension tolerances, as well as on-time deliveries.

Heavy alloy and carbide penetrators are our latest addition to our product line and already we are one of the world leaders in this field, meeting specifications and performances considered impossible until recently.

Our famous Technon Powder is still the best world’s best polymer filler and is used by major institutions, companies, universities and national laboratories for a variety of weighting and radiation shielding applications.

We pride ourselves on offering engineering solutions to complex problems requiring tungsten components. Our metallurgical and engineering team will find a suitable solution to any of your problems, and do it in record time and at an affordable price too.

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Tungsten Heavy Powder & Parts practices the following principles:

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tungsten cubes, tungsten balls, and tungsten spheres.
Any tungsten alloy, dimensions, tolerances and quantities can be accomodated.
Many products are stocked in the U.S.A.

We can meet a wide variety of needs. Whether you require:

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