What's New @ THPP

We've moved!

Due to our expanding business, we have moved to larger premises again. Please take note of our new address:

9097 Kenamar Drive,
San Diego, CA 92121

New Name! New Website!

As I'm sure you've noticed, we have completely redesigned our website to serve you better. We have added the ability to attach drawings (including CAD drawings) to the contact form, we have a new email address for inquiries, and on most pages we have added a submenu that scrolls with you, so you no longer have to scroll up to access the navigation bar. We hope you like this new site redesign as much as we do, and welcome your feedback from the Contact page.

You may have also noticed that we've changed our name to better reflect the variety of products we currently offer. We are now doing business as Tungsten Heavy Powder & Parts (THPP).

More Translations Added

We recently upgraded to a better translation service. Now you can translate our pages into many more languages.

We have streamlined our navigation bar and consolidated all our products under the "Products" tab. You will still be able to access every page on the site.

Here We Grow Again!

Due to our expanding business, we have moved to larger premises. Please take note of our new address:

(previous address removed to avoid confusion)

New Shopping Cart Introduced

We are proud to introduce a new, more customized, and more tightly integrated shopping cart for all our websites. Whether you're looking for tungsten powder; Technon® Poly kits; tungsten spheres, cubes or balls, or our incredibly popular tungsten bucking bars, you can now buy them all through this new cart, and still get the same great customer service and shipping within one business day that you have come to expect from us.

Local Manufacturing Plant Established

A complete tungsten powder metallurgical plant has been commissioned and installed in San Diego, California.

This plant is highly automated and can manufacture large quantities of small heavy alloy parts such as tungsten balls, tungsten spheres, and tungsten cubes.

These products achieve higher crush strength and consistent density, exceeding previous locally-produced comparable products.

Ultra-High Tensile Strength Heavy Alloy Developed

We have recently developed a proprietary process enabling us to manufacture high density heavy tungsten alloy with tensile strength exceeding 1500 MPa. Elasticity and other specifications are not compromised.