6170 Cornerstone Ct E, Suite 310, San Diego, California 92121-3767, Tel. +1 858 693-6100, www.thpap.com

Supplier of tungsten and moly products for military, industrial engineering, and medical markets worldwide for the past 15 years.

This “Silent Giant” lists the following as its customers: US Army, Air Force, and Navy; Lockheed Martin; ATK; Israeli Military Industries; BAE Systems; Nammo; General Atomic; major national laboratories, Boeing; Halliburton; Snap-On; major airlines; Adidas; SAIC and so many more.

Tungsten Heavy Powder & Parts (THPP), located near the Miramar airbase in San Diego, is the largest supplier of military fragments in the world, along with fragment subassemblies, penetrators of all kinds, sabots, tails and various tungsten alloy rods. We primarily serve the aerospace, aviation and military industries, however, not all of our sales are B2B. We have worked with, and sold to, private entities such as general engineering machine shops, product developers, universities, and laboratories too.

THPP employees have 60 years of combined knowledge with Tungsten, coupled with tungsten alloy expertise and cutting edge technology to produce products that go beyond our customers’ expectations. All our engineering services are free and in most cases, we supply free samples with low or no tooling cost. Fast, efficient, and customer-oriented is our motto.

tungsten penetrators made exclusively by Tungsten Heavy Powder & Partsan assortment of moly furnace hardware sold by Tungsten Heavy Powder & PartsOne of 51 different tungsten bucking bars that THPP sells(l-r) tungsten sphere, ball, and cube samples of what THPP sells

As a military subcontractor, THPP supplies components to prime contractors, who are typically government agencies or very large conglomerates that develop and supply ammunition and similar products for the military. These customers depend on us for quality, timely delivery and price stability, which is why they have trusted THPP with multimillion dollar contracts for many years. Due to our successful track record — and our belief that the delivery of 99.9% good parts is not acceptable— we have repeatedly been requested to increase the scope of a contract to include subassemblies, as well as related components manufactured from aluminum, magnesium…

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tungsten rods

Tungsten, tungsten carbide, and many related alloys that have either high density or high wear resistance are major contributors to solutions for each of these requirements in the industrial engineering fields. Counterweights, balancing weights, and sport equipment components, are typical applications where high mass is required within limited spaces. Tungsten carbide alloys are typically used for cutting tools and wear plates, providing ‘hard as diamond’ surface properties. Heavy alloy tungsten — typically comprised of tungsten, nickel, and iron — is fully machinable, and as such, THPP specializes in supplying rod and block blanks as raw material for further… machining by

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solid tungsten balls
molybdenum furnace parts

Large tungsten cathode. This is just one of the custom tungsten items we can make. Having close to twice the density of lead, Tungsten is an excellent shielding material for various radiation shielding applications. Radiation in both the medical and energy production fields is common, hence the need for shielding in a variety of forms. THPP developed a high-density tungsten powder,trade named Technon®. This high-density powder can be used in a variety of matrices comprised of polymers, silicon, and/or rubber to create relatively-low-cost, efficient shielding components. By selecting the suitable compounding material, one can achieve the kind of …

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