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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your tungsten powder so unique?

A combination of the exceptionally high density and spheroidal shape of the tungsten powder creates a series of unique properties. When mixed with the conventional virgin powders used in the tungsten heavy alloy blends, this high density powder provides an excellent way to adjust the Scott density of the blend to match specific tooling requirements. Additions of up to 20 – 25% by weight of Technon® are typically used. When mixed with polymers, the new material offers no separation at the point of high shear. It also has a higher critical solid loading. As you can see on our -100 Mesh and -325 Mesh Product Data Sheets, our tungsten powder also has a good mechanical flow characteristic for better cavity filling.

What makes your tungsten powder heavier than virgin powder?

Since we use sintered tungsten parts as our source, the powder’s particles are post-sintered. This results in our powder’s heavier atomic structure.

So do you only sell tungsten powder?

Not at all! Tungsten powder is what our company started out selling originally, and continues to sell. However, we have since diversified into other product lines. Our tungsten bucking bar line is extremely popular. We also do a lot of work for various militaries, making fragments; sub-assemblies and a variety of both molybdenum and tungsten custom-made items.

Is Tungsten heavier than lead?

Yes, although lead is quoted as having a density of 11.34 g/cc, most lead products are manufactured from a commercially available lead-alloy with a density of less than 9 g/cc!

What’s the difference between a ball and a sphere?

A ball has a ground surface with tight tolerances, and may or may not be polished. A sphere, on the other hand, is a sintered ball which has a band around one diameter. This is a feature of the molding tool.

How can I find out more about Tungsten?

Please see our About Tungsten page for background information (including various tungsten classes) and a brief history of Tungsten.

Do you have a Safety Data Sheet (SDS)?

We have a couple. We have one for our Technon® Powder, and one for our Tungsten Heavy Alloy.

Do you ship to APO and FPO addresses?

YES, we proudly support our military and and gladly ship to military addresses worldwide! We support the AUSA as a Sustaining Member and were profiled in the August 2015 issue of ARMY magazine. Click here to read about everything we do for the military.

If you have any questions that aren’t covered in this FAQ, please call or email us.