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Photo of H-series buffers

H Buffers


A recent addition to our product line are Carbine Buffers and H Buffers (H, H2, and H3 buffers). Being machined to the U.S. Army’s stringent specifications and having a hard coat anodized finish makes these H, H2 and H3 buffers the best on the market. Getting the tungsten weights right is the key component to the overall successful performance of the assembly. Trust THPP — a leading tungsten parts manufacturer — to get this right every time.

These H-Series buffers are made in the USA in an ISO-certified facility and plated by a NADCAP-accredited plant, which gives you the peace of mind that you need when buying your next buffer.

Buffer Purpose

The buffer is one of many pieces that helps your rifle to operate normally. When a bullet has fired, the energy that it released pushes the bolt carrier backwards which then connects with the buffer within the buffer spring and tube. At the point of contact, the buffer pushes the spring backwards. Depending on the weight of the buffer and the strength of the spring, the buffer will reconnect with the bolt carrier pushing a new bullet forward into the chamber to be fired.

Why is the buffer weight so critical?

If you get a weight that is too heavy, the rifle won’t be able to push the spring back and reload the weapon. If you get a buffer that is too light, then the bolt carrier might move too fast and not perform the correct functions.

Buffer Weights

What are the differences between each type of buffer?

Carbine Buffer ( Avg weight: 3.0 oz  [85.05g] )

Carbine buffers

The Carbine Buffer includes 3 Steel weights


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H (Heavy) Buffer ( Avg weight:  3.8 oz  [107.73g] )

H or Heavy Buffer

This H Buffer includes 1 Tungsten & 2 Steel weights


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H2 Buffer ( Avg weight: 4.6 oz [130.41g] )

H2 Buffer

This H2 Buffer includes 2 Tungsten weights & 1 Steel weight


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H3 Buffer ( Avg weight: 5.4 oz [153.10g] )

H3 Buffer

This H3 buffer includes 3 Tungsten weights & 0 Steel weights


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