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Hot Work Steel

Aluminum production and production of aluminum parts by various casting processes, requires the use of special hot working steel. This steel must be able to withstand high levels of stresses, due to variations in temperature, expansion and contraction, and deal with different coefficients of thermal expansion. Unless good, quality, hot working steel is used, the material will crack and distort, resulting in thermal fatigue and finally failure.

Such quality material is available from a top European manufacturer and from them only! Unfortunately, the price tag is very high, the delivery lead times are long, and minimum-order values are imposed. Now, that is all a thing of the past!!! THPP can supply the same high quality material with proven results, backed by tests and testimonials as well as a performance guarantee.

With two unique grades, THPP currently offers these alloys: W-Ni-Co-Mn-Fe (our part number SROV 1) and W-Ni-Fe-Mo (our part number SROV 2). It is not only the alloying composition that makes this material most suitable for the hot work application, but also the process that includes special heat treatments and unique swaging/forging steps.

Click on this Hot Work Steel“Technical Comparison” for additional technical information and to compare our hot work steel to that of our European competitor.

If the above comparison doesn’t convince, see for yourself! Our hot work steel is backed by a 100% guarantee, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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