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Tungsten, tungsten carbide, and many related alloys that have either high density or high wear resistance are major contributors to solutions for each of these requirements in the industrial engineering fields. Counterweights, balancing weights, and sport equipment components, are typical applications where high mass is required within limited spaces.

Tungsten carbide alloys are typically used for cutting tools and wear plates, providing ‘hard as diamond’ surface properties. Heavy alloy tungsten — typically comprised of tungsten, nickel, and iron — is fully machinable, and as such, THPP specializes in supplying rod and block blanks as raw material for further… machining by third-party machine shops. THPP can also offer full-service engineering by supplying fully-machined components based on customer drawings.

Another specialty of ours, bucking bars are popular products used in riveting applications in the aviation industry. THPP is the largest bucking bar supplier in the world with inventory of over 50 standard shapes and hundreds of other custom designs, manufactured to customer specifications. In the past year alone, THPP has delivered over 10,000 bucking bars to customers worldwide.

THPP recently introduced several new product lines:

  1. Furnace hardware from moly (Molybdenum) and TZM (Tungsten Zirconium Molybdenum) alloys, with over 200 different SKUs available for immediate delivery from our San Diego, California-based inventory
  2. A full line of molybdenum products, including wire, foil, sheets, plates, screens, tubes and furnace boats manufactured per customer specifications with comparatively short lead times and highly competitive prices.
  3. High-temperature (“hot working”) steel in blank or fully machined form for use in applications such as aluminum casting, raw aluminum manufacturing processes, heat shielding, forging dies and vacuum furnaces.
  4. Tungsten copper alloys with over 75% copper, making this the highest copper-content alloy with spongelike construction currently available on the market, for use in heat transfer and heat exchange applications.