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Tungsten Parts Wyoming Job Openings

Please use this job application to apply for all job openings listed on this page: Send completed application plus resume to cbahre@tungstenparts.com 

MATERIAL HANDLER-$12.50/HR ***All hired individuals will not start until the beginning of the new year***

Primary Responsibilities and Duties

  • Move freight and stock to and from loading docks, delivery vehicles, storage areas, and production areas either manually or using equipment such as trucks, tractors, or forklifts
  • Receive, confirm, track, store, dispatch and deliver material
  • Lift and unload heavy pallets, both by hand and by machine, and safely relocate them elsewhere in the warehouse or prepare them for transport
  • Facilitate and maintain a safe work environment and a trained workforce, committed to the best practices in the industry
  • Perform quality inspections of materials, ensuring that the delivery is completed as requested and that the order meets company and industry standards
  • Keep the warehouse organized and tidy and implement general housekeeping practices to maintain workplace cleanliness
  • Understand the basics of the supply chain, including shipping and receiving logistics, quality assurance, equipment upkeep, and facility maintenance
  • Fill out inventory lists, crosscheck shipping invoices and maintain accurate delivery log records for every order
  • Consistently demonstrates and incorporates principals of safety for self and others into daily activities
  • Attends required safety training and participates in emergency drills and exercises
  • Develops and maintains a clean, safe working environment for self and co-workers
  • Safeguards company property

Please send resume and completed application to cbahre@tungstenparts.com