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large tungsten cathode used in medical applications


Having close to twice the density of lead, Tungsten is an excellent shielding material for various radiation shielding applications. Radiation in both the medical and energy production fields is common, hence the need for shielding in a variety of forms.

THPP developed a high-density tungsten powder trade-named Technon®. This high-density powder can be used in a variety of matrices comprised of polymers, silicon, and/or rubber to create relatively-low-cost, efficient shielding components. By selecting the suitable compounding material, one can achieve the kind of rigidity, flexibility, machinability, and complexity that would be hard to achieve using solid sintered tungsten equivalents.

THPP also developed manufacturing procedures for inexpensive molds, and casting practices that can produce components with densities as high as 12 g/cc. Such components have already been supplied to many laboratories, including Los Alamos, Lawrence Livermore, Brookhaven and Oakridge National Laboratories, and a number of research universities.