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molybdenum furnace parts

Molybdenum Furnace Parts

(Sometimes referred to as Refractory Screws and Nuts)

THPP offers a full line of molybdenum (also known as moly) furnace parts. These Molybdenum and TZM (Titanium-Zirconium-Molybdenum) alloy parts are suitable for high temperatures and — like all THPP products — are made to the highest specifications. All these products come with a full satisfaction guarantee – something which is not common in this industry. We have the following types of products in stock, for shipping within 24 hours worldwide: BOLTS, THREADED RODS, STUDS, NUTS, WASHERS, PINS AND RIVETS – (US AND METRIC SIZES)

We offer these molybdenum furnace hardware at well below current market prices and allow the customer to purchase these molybdenum furnace parts online or by phone.

Other Molybdenum products that we will offer this year include a full line of high-temperature material, typically used in the heating industry, such as wire, rods, foil, sheets, screens and tubes.

HEATING ELEMENTS are our specialty: We specialize in Silicon carbide (SiC), Molybdenum (MoSi2), resistance alloy (NiCr8020, FeCrAl), Ceramic Fiber, Graphite, Metallic Radiant tubes and heaters as well as thermocouples.

Types of Molybdenum Furnace Parts That We Offer

Moly & TZM Bolts

Moly & TZM Nuts

Moly & TZM Threaded Rods

Moly Pins & Securing Pins

Moly Rivets

Moly Studs

Moly Washers

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