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Our Offshore Capabilities 

Machining Tungsten and Moly: A very large machining facility with both conventional and CNC machines, specializing in machining tungsten and moly components. This Asian location employs over 350 technical staff with expertise in many fields. With ISO 9001 certification, this facility’s quality standards are the highest in the field.


Pressing and Sintering: A highly-specialized pressing and sintering facility in Asia can manufacture over 10 tons per month of tungsten balls and cubes of any size, alloy and specifications. With over 25 years of history, this highly automated facility is the backbone of our domination in this sector of the market.  xx


Tungsten Carbide Production: The latest addition to our facilities, this state-of-the-art modern facility can proudly stand side by side with any of the industry’s top European manufacturers. With in-house powder preparation, through automatic CNC presses for pressing, and furnaces for sintering, this facility can manufacture WC penetrators, and grind them into exacting shapes and tolerances all under one roof. With ISO 9001 certification, the quality standards here are the highest in the field.


Tungsten Heavy Alloy Penetrators: This incredibly large facility can best be described as “the envy of the industry”. Manufacturing Long Kinetic Penetrators is a lengthy, complex and sophisticated process, requiring specialized equipment valued at tens of millions of dollars. Years of expertise and thousands of products delivered worldwide, coupled with an in-house testing laboratory, makes this facility the obvious choice to manufacture and supply all your super-high tensile penetrators.