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Our Staff and Culture

At Tungsten Heavy Powder & Parts, we are small enough to be a family-run company, but large enough — and experienced enough — to handle multi-million dollar corporate and government agency contracts with ease. It is in this friendly, familial atmosphere that our internationally diverse employees flourish, and enjoy long tenures along with mutual respect. Our corporate culture is one of openness and interdepartmental communication. Doors are rarely closed, and all employees are encouraged to work together for the good of both the customer and the company. It is this openness and collaborative approach that has allowed us to serve our customers so well for over 19 years and has directly contributed to our success.

In April 2017, CEO Joe Sery took the entire San Diego office down to Laramie, Wyoming to see Tungsten Parts Wyoming, the new factory that THPP recently built there in 2016.

Take a look at some of our smiling employees who love what they do!

smiling employee
One of our smiling employees.


Some of our many smiling employees.


Machine worker
While the work still needs to get done…
laughing employees
…that doesn’t mean we can’t have a good time doing it!