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Technon® Powder –325 Mesh

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BUYING TIP:  For maximum density, you’d be better off buying -100 Mesh Technon® Powder, which has larger particles, and thus has a higher tap density. While this may sound counter-intuitive, it has been proven to be true.


See Technon® Product Data Sheet  (PDF format)
Contains > 99% Tungsten


Thin film surface applications of its polymer/Technon® mixture is ideally suited for radiation protection.

The large particles of Technon® -325 Mesh makes it the ideal heavy metal filler for injection-molding and hand-pouring applications.

Contrary to popular belief, the larger the particles; the higher (not lower) the compound density will be.

The unique shape and resulting high flowability of these particles make Technon® suitable for metal spray industry applications.


Quantity measured and sold in pounds. One pound minimum order.
(1 lb = 0.45 Kg)


RETAIL PRICE – US$102.38/lb for up to 9 pounds of powder

10- 99: US$67.39/lb

100 – 249: $64.80/lb

250-499: $60.91/lb

Please call +1-858-693-6100 for orders of 500 pounds and above.


You can download the Tungsten Heavy Powder & Parts MSDS here.

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