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CAV-X supercavitating ammunition displaying its multi-environment properties in water

CAV-X Supercavitating Ammunition

THPP has recently entered into a contract with DSG Technologies (DSGT) to become their exclusive manufacturers of penetrators for Multi-Environment Ammunition (MEA) such as the supercavitating CAV-X™ range of products. This is under a special license from the Norwegian Government for worldwide distribution.

DSGT’s patented technology represents one of the most significant and revolutionary steps forward in defense since perhaps the invention of the gun itself. This is no idle claim! DSGT’s technology opens a completely new world of capabilities and represents a quantum leap for users in special forces and navies. DSGT’s technology gives ships, soldiers, sailors, submariners and airmen revolutionary new capabilities; saving lives and protecting liberty.

Many companies claim a role in the supercavitating world. Only DSG Technology — an international high-tech firm — has researched, developed, and patented supercavitation to its full potential.

Rows and rows of CAV-X supercavitating ammunition packed in a box

Multi-Environment Ammunition™ (MEA) Applications

In water, at velocities >100 m/s, the cavitating core forms a cavity that exceeds the size of the projectile. Water resistance in the cavity acts solely on the leading edge. Stabilization is achieved through contact with the cavity by rear of the cavitating core. In short, MEA™ changes the rules for undersea defense and enhances capabilities of all calibers.

CAV-X Supercavitating ammunition display case

Made in the USA

Projectiles for the MEA are manufactured on state-of-the-art special purpose equipment, to tolerances of microns and surface finish specifications to the tungsten that have never been used before. Concentricity, cylindricity and homogeneous density levels are achieved by employing a special process especially developed by THPP for these penetrators.

A special purpose rotary transfer machine, with 16 machining stations, is currently under development by a leading Italian machine tool manufacturer who is designing it to manufacture the complete penetrator in under 5 seconds!!!

In anticipation of initial volumes of 1 million penetrators per month, THPP is gearing up for this task by adding a 8,800-square foot, temperature-controlled building for manufacturing in Laramie, Wyoming. Construction will start in November 2017 and is expected to be completed by June 2018.

CAV-X supercavitating penetrator being machined

Ra measurement of CAV-X supercavitating ammunition