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samples of the tungsten spheres, tungsten balls, and tungsten cubes sold by Tungsten Heavy Powder & Parts

Tungsten Balls, Spheres & Cubes

Tungsten alloy balls, tungsten alloy spheres, and tungsten alloy cubes are typically used for fragments in various ammunition products. The high density and compactibility make them ideal to create maximum damage within a given packed volume.

A ball has a ground surface with tight tolerances, and may or may not be polished.

A sphere is a sintered ball which has a band around one diameter; a feature of the molding tool.

THPP’s cubes are unique in their appearance. Sharper corners, square faces, and a high degree of uniformity are just some of the outstanding features that we are proud to deliver to our customers.

A typical quality test for such products is the Crush Test, where the tungsten ball or tungsten cube is compressed to less than 50% of its original size. Most competitors’ products would crush under such severe conditions, resulting in cracked products or even powder disintegration. Our balls can withstand AS MUCH AS 70% REDUCTION of their original dimension.

50 percent crushed tungsten ball

We manufacture hundreds of millions of balls per month, making us the largest supplier by far of tungsten fragments worldwide. We assemble balls and cubes for our customers per their specifications and designs. For example, we can attach cubes to aluminum, magnesium, specialty tapes etc. Balls can be encapsulated in rubber, silicon or polymers to create ready-to-use charges.

We manufacture standard balls and cubes for immediate delivery from our modern warehouse in San Diego, California, but mostly, we manufacture to order when the customer can specify any of these specifications: Diameter with its tolerance, density with its tolerance, weight with its tolerance, alloy, surface finish, crush test requirements and few more special confidential specs proprietary for each of our customers.

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