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tank-ammunition components and tungsten penetrators

Tungsten Alloy Armor-Piercing and Steel Penetrators

Tungsten penetrators, as well as steel alloy armor-piercing penetrators, must withstand the shock incurred while punching through armor plating. Penetrators designed for this purpose have a greatly strengthened case with an especially hardened and shaped nose. Tungsten alloy armor-piercing cartridges are also available as small arms ammunition, primarily for use as an anti-materiel round, for armored vehicles, concrete bunkers, tanks and other defenses, depending on the caliber of the firearms. This ammunition consists of a penetrator constructed of tungsten alloy or tungsten carbide, enclosed within a softer jacket, such as copper or aluminum. The product ammunition can range from rifle- and pistol-caliber rounds all the way up to tank rounds.

THPP has the capability and the capacity to manufacture millions of WC, WHA and steel alloy penetrators of any size. Our quality products are already in use by many quality bullet manufacturers around the world. The quality is achieved by cutting edge, highly-advanced material science and processes, not available until recently. This quality doesn’t come with a higher price tag! Our production automation and manufacturing sophistication allows us to maintain prices at a low level and compete with any manufacturer worldwide.

Kinetic Energy Penetrators

FACT: THPP manufactures the very best kinetic energy penetrators on the market.

FACT: THPP’s kinetic energy penetrator prices are at least 30% cheaper than the competition.

These are indisputable, evidence-based facts!

Kinetic energy penetrators — also known as long rod penetrators or LRPs — are a type of ammunition designed to penetrate vehicle armor. Much like a bullet penetrator, an LRP does not contain explosives and uses kinetic energy to penetrate the target.

The development of the modern kinetic energy penetrator combines two aspects of artillery design; high muzzle velocity and concentrated force. High muzzle velocity is achieved by using a projectile with a low mass and large base area in the gun barrel. Firing a small-caliber projectile wrapped in a lightweight outer shell — called a sabot —raises the muzzle velocity. Once the shell clears the barrel, the sabot is no longer needed and falls off in pieces. This leaves the projectile traveling at a high velocity with a smaller cross-sectional area and reduced aerodynamic drag during the flight to the target.

FACT: THPP manufactures the very best sabot on the market.

FACT: THPP’s sabot prices are at least 30% cheaper than the competition.

These are indisputable, evidence-based facts!

The technology we developed for the manufacturing of kinetic energy tungsten penetrators is based on studies and research conducted over four years at a cost of millions of dollars. The results speak for themselves. NATO tested and approved, these long rod kinetic energy tungsten penetrators are unlike any other competitor’s products. The level of penetration (which is confidential) is staggering, and testers were amazed when confronted with the test results.

Since this is a custom-order product, please contact us to place your order for these penetrators.