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Technon(r) tungsten powder

Technon® Tungsten Powders 

Technon® is THPP’s unique high-density tungsten powder. With ideal morphology and particle distribution, this 99.9% W powder has a density of 11.5 g/cc. This same powder can be compacted to form fillers with densities above 15 g/cc without sintering or other treatment.

This powder makes the ideal additive to various polymers for use in both weighting and radiation shielding applications. It is available in any quantity and is typically shipped out within 24 hours of order placement.

Any other type of tungsten powder can be manufactured to customer’s specifications. All inquiries are welcome.

Technon® Tungsten Powder -100 Mesh Product Data Sheet
Technon® Tungsten Powder -325 Mesh Product Data Sheet

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